Member Team Category
Michael Anderson Race Team Cat 5
Lawrence Brown Race Team Cat 5
Dwann Bufford Race Team Cat 5
Kevin Cheeseboro Touring Team
Juan Constanza Race Team Cat 5
Chandra Consuello Race Team Cat 4
Cherry Cunningham Touring Team
Percy Dixon Touring Team
Horace Franklin Race Team Cat 5
Mike Edwards Race Team Cat 5
Em Erbil Race Team Cat 4
Brookey Givens Touring Team
Trimane Goddard Race Team Cat 5
Adrian Jones Race Team Cat 4
Leslie Jones Race Team Cat 4
Rashid Jones Touring Team
Timothy Love Race Team Cat 5
Yvette Macklin Race Team Cat 4
Firman Mathis Race Team Cat 5
Tommy McCauley Race Team Cat 4
Yvette Moore Touring Team
Michael Morris Race Team Cat 5
Bryan Norwood Race Team Cat 4
Eugene Pinder Touring Team
Darin Poullard Touring Team
Tedd Russell Race Team Cat 5
Danzie Seaward Touring Team
Von Spencer Touring Team
Demetris Taylor Race Team Cat 5
Tony Terry Touring Team
Craig Turner Touring Team
Owen Wilson Race Team Cat 5
Deborah Womack Touring Team

More intriguing team information

The Phase Touring Team is the foundation of the entire Phase Cycling family. In fact, the Phase Race Team was developed from the touring family. Our touring team comprises of men and women who aim to maintain a high level of fitness and has implemented cycling into their everyday lifestyle. Our Touring team trains throughout the year along with our race team to assist in achieving their personal cycling goals and maintain riding at A and B cycling levels.

The Phase Race Team is a newly formed team in the Washington/Maryland/Virginia metropolitan area who competes on the same stage with other area established race teams. At the moment, our race team is mostly comprised of Category 5 racers but has the potential and dedication to become Cat 4/3/2/1 racers in the upcoming years. In our first year, Phase Cycling achieved 8 top ten finishes with several top 20 finishes in fields of 50+ racers.