Training Rides

50 miles of challenges and fun

Meet at 7:30am and rollout at 8:00

Our training ride does not happen every Saturday.
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The Saturday morning ride is fifty miles of rolling hills, technical climbs and a blend of false and true flats that offer ways to perfect all areas of your cycling skill-set. Mostly ridden on the back roads of Southern Maryland this 50 mile ride provides moments of great scenery with a splash of excitement at various paces.

There's one rest stop at the 18 mile mark for refueling before we make the final push to end.

Meet us Saturday mornings at Gwynn Park High School located at 13800 Brandywine Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613 at 7:30am and be ready to roll by 8:00am. Please contact us for more info about our training rides.

These Saturday morning rides are open rides where cyclists of all levels and teams participate and not exclusive to Phase Cycling members only. Many Phase Cycling members join these rides and takes no responsibility. Moreover, these rides are not sponsored by Phase Cycling and not officially endorsed by Phase Cycling. No support whatsoever is provided on these rides and cyclists participate at their own risk. Bring your own tubes, CO2s and other items you may need in case of flats and mechanical problems.